National, State, and Region Honors

There are few higher honors a band student can receive than to be selected to be in All-State and All-Region ensembles. 

Selection for All-State and Region Ensembles indicates a superior level of musicianship, discipline, dedication, and perseverance. Students who achieve both levels of honors can choose to take a nationwide audition for the All-National Honors Band. There is no higher honor than for students to be chosen for this prestigious ensemble. 

Congratulations to these outstanding students for their hard work and wonderful achievement!

2019-2020 Placements and Awards

All District Band

9/10 Band

  • Kevin G.: Clarinet, 20th Chair

  • Andrew S.: Alto Saxophone, 3rd Chair

  • Collin M.: French Horn, 6th Chair

  • Daniel W.: Trombone, 1st Chair

  • Dylan S.: Baritone, 1st Chair

11/12 Band

  • Connor G.: Clarinet, 12th Chair

  • Tyler H.: Alto SAxophone, 2nd Chair

  • Lilly E.: Trumpet, 7th Chair

  • Alyssa H.: Trumpet, 12th Chair

  • LillyAnn N.: French Horn, 8th Chair

  • Caleb N.: Trombone, 9th Chair

Eastern Regional Orchestra

  • Noah J.: Symphony Bass

  • Caleb N.: Symphony Bass Trombone Double

  • Raymond V.: Symphony Section Percussion II


All District Band- 

  • Colton B., 11/12 Trombone 

  • Mackenzie S., 11/12 Alto Saxophone

  • Alyssa H., 9/10 Trumpet 

  • Lilly E., 9/10 Trumpet 

  • Connor G., 9/10 Clarinet 

  • Graeme R., 9/10 Clarinet 

  • Noah J., 9/10 String Bass

All State Band-

  • Noah J., 9/10 String Bass 

All District Jazz Band- 

  • Mackenzie S., "B" Band Alto Saxophone 

  • Noah J., "A" Band Bass

East Region Orchestra- 

  • Morgan A., Symphony French Horn 

  • Lillyann N., Symphony French Horn 

  • Raymond V., Symphony Percussion

  • Colton B., Symphony Trombone


All National Honors Band- 

  • Connor T., Bass Clarinet


All State Band- 

  • Noah J., 9/10 String Bass


All District Band-

  • Thomas D., 11/12 Trombone 

  • Lillian E., 9/10 Trumpet

  • Noah J., 9/10 String Bass

  • Connor T., 11/12 Bass Clarinet​

All District Jazz-

  • Thomas D., Trombone "A" Band

East Region Orchestra-

  • Colton B., Trombone

  • Noah J., String Bass (Symphony)

  • Parker J., Piano 

  • Noel M., Trumpet

  • Sienna S., Percussion 

Concert Festival Results

​NCBA Music Performance Adjudication Festival (MPA)-

  • 2014 Symphonic Band IV Superior Band

  • 2015 Symphonic Band III Superior Band 

  • 2017 Symphonic Band V Superior Band

2016 Music in the Parks Festival-

  • "Superior" Band 

  • 1st place Concert Band

  • Overall Winner of High School Concert Bands

Marching Band

  • 2016-17 Battle of the Bands-

    • 1st place Percussion 

    • 1st place Overall Music 

    • 1st place General Effect

    • 2nd place Color Guard

    • 2nd place Drum Major

    • Overall Class 2A Winners (1st place)​

  • 2016-17 Crystal Coast Band Classic-

    • 2nd place General Effect​

    • 2nd place Visual Ensemble 

    • 2nd place Overall Class 2A 

    • Best Pit Crew of the Day (Band Parent Award!)

Jazz Ensemble

  • 2016-17 Music in the Parks Festival

    • "Superior" Ensemble ​

    • 1st place Jazz Band

    • Soloist of the Day- Mackenzie Short, Alto Saxophone