About US-

 Passion, Mission, and Vision

Our Vision:

Currituck County High School Band Program is to equip each and every student to become a life long learner and appreciator of music by building on dedication, hard-work, and musical excellence.  


Our Method:

The Currituck County High School Band Program's method to achieving our vision is to provide an integrated arts curriculum through instrumental music, technology,  and leadership skills. The ensembles and programs strive for excellence within each member and in every aspect of their curriculum. 

The study of music contributes to the quality of every student's life in important ways. Every musical work is a product of its time and place, however, some works transcends their original settings and continue inspire us. In band we learn to tap into that deep emotional reservoir and express ourselves creatively and movingly.

The language skills of learning music notation and performance traditions enables them to learn new music independently throughout their lives. Analytical, evaluation, and synthesis skills are emphasized because of the personal importance they play in students' ability to recognize and pursue excellence in their musical experiences and to understand and enrich their community

The historical and cultural knowledge gained in the music classroom enrich a student as an academic as well in the practicalities of their adult lives is invaluable. Learning and absorbing the sounds of places and times other than our own, empathizing and understanding the elements of  those we do not at first recognize.