Student Points

Dear Currituck Band Families,


    This year we will continue with the use of our point system for students who participate in fundraisers offered throughout the year. This letter is meant to help explain in detail our shift to this system. First and foremost, this system is meant to help benefit families in the band program. Money should never be a discriminatory factor in a student’s participation in the life enriching activity of band, and this is a way to help realize this vision.

Participating students will receive 10% of the profits from their sales. For example, if a student raises $1000 of fruit the band receives a 40% profit or $400. Of this profit students would receive 10% or $40; the $40 would be transferred into 40 “Band Points.” These “Band Points” will be accumulated throughout their time in band with no maximum cap on how many points can be earned. Points can be used toward paying for the student’s portion of the marching band dues and potential trips. The points earned will stay with the student until graduation or until they are redeemed. If a student leaves the band program completely prior to graduation the points will be reverted to the general fund.


    Graduating seniors will have 2 options as to what happens with their remaining points—1) The points be given to a younger sibling who is either currently a high school band student or a rising 9th grade band student. 2) Seniors may donate points back into the general band fund.


    Last few remaining points—This system is a time tested and proven system that will benefit the band as a whole, however, as this is a new system we may need to make minor changes to the program. Any changes need to be made, parents will be notified immediately.


    Thank you for the continued support of your children’s participation in the Currituck County High School Band Program. Your participation in fundraisers is pertinent to our continued success as a program!


Thank you,

Mr. Lee Burgess
Director of Bands